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How you can Create a Targeted Facebook Ad Audience

How you can Create a Targeted Facebook Ad Audience Making use of Power Editor

Is your company struggling with Facebook Ads? Are you disappointed together with your cost per actions metric and at the loss as to what to perform?

This article will take a look at 8 targeting best exercise strategies within Facebook Power Editor and how to test out your advertisements to ensure you are getting the most for the money.

I’ll furthermore drop three best tips that could modify how you advertise upon Facebook. So look out!

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Facebook Power Editor

Power Editor is a free Chrome browser plugin in order to businesses manage several campaigns or a many creatives. Power Editor makes it simple to create, edit, handle and optimize ads, campaigns, and Web page posts in bulk, throughout a large number of different ad accounts and Webpages.

Ad Creator inside Facebook now enables you to target your ads as specifically because Power Editor does, yet because of the campaign functionality I recommend you still make use of Editor.

You can target by:

Location, Age group and Gender

Particular interests

Broad groups

Brand connections

Unconnected users

Fans that are within your existing CMS

A ‘lookalike’ audience

To create a Facebook ad campaign, click ‘Create Campaign’

Once you have created your campaign and given it the name, click ‘Create Ad’. You’ll become directed to the innovative page, where you provide your ad the name, an image, insight your headline plus text, and choose where your ad will show upon Facebook (in this news Feed or Correct Column, on Desktop computer or Mobile etc).

As this article is all about targeting, I’ve incorporated only the ‘Audience’ tabs page below. I have provided the page in its entirety so that you can understand my factors in context. This particular article’s sections happen to be numbered within the image so you know precisely what I’m talking about.

Ad Examples:

Throughout this short article I’m going to make use of two advertisement hypotheticals: a romantic weekend vacation contest for two plus an ebook upon A/B testing. These types of will illustrate right after between Facebook targeting for business in order to consumer (B2C) businesses and Facebook targeting for business in order to business (B2B) businesses.

Targeting by Area, Age and Sex

The three basic demographics, they are still the most crucial. They allow you to create sweeping targeting statements, cutting out whole parts of the Facebook audience.


The e-book advertisement can and really should be marketed to the english-speaking country (I’ve chosen the 4 main markets within the example below). Like a SaaS company, Wishpond’s target market will be international.

The health spa weekend getaway advertisement, however , can only become run in the area of the particular spa (see below). Spending money advertising to Australia if your store is in New York, for example, is a clear waste materials of resources.

Keep in mind Facebook won’t allow you to target two particular cities within 2 different countries (both New York and Greater london for instance). You will have to create two various advertisements or campaigns to do so.


E-books are a product that there is no targeted age bracket. You could possibly eliminate eighteen and below, because ebook readership is likely to be low along with high-schoolers, but because you’re targeting a lot more specifically later (see Precise Interest targeting below) there’s simply no real point.

Targeting based on age for that spa getaway much more interesting. I would recommend a number of different advertisements directed at different age groups (see Testing below).


Neither product (ebook or spa getaway) is obviously gender particular.

You could, however , check targeting the health spa getaway by sex and change the image or even text.

For Example:

Focus on women and change the duplicate to: ‘Do your husband need a weekend break away? ’ Earn a weekend in the spa worth $250! ”

Target as well as change the copy in order to: ‘Does your wife are worthy of a weekend aside? Get a weekend for 2 at the spa really worth $500! ”

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Exact Interest Targeting plus Broad Category Targeting

Precise Interest targeting allows you to define your own advertisement target with what they are interested within. Facebook identifies passions from:

Listed passions


Education plus job titles

Webpages they Like

Applications they use

Groups that they belong

Wide Category targeting enables you to target your audience based on what they’ve included in their timelines (relationship status, politics leanings, travel, 1st birthdays, new job, lately moved, etc)

Targeting by Precise Passions (Ebook):

I would target the ebook depending on Precise Interests when i don’t care about age, gender, location, partnership status or schooling of my audience - only that will they’re interested within my product.

Targeting simply by Broad Categories (Spa Getaway):

I would target the weekend health spa getaway with Wide Category targeting due to the fact I’m not marketing based on their interests. With Broad Groups I can hone within on people inside a relationship (and leave out people in long relationships, which in this particular ad’s case will be convenient).

If I would be to target based on Facebook user’s interest in ‘Spas’ I would reduce the advertisement Reach through 480, 000 in order to 26, 000.

Contacts Targeting

Facebook enables you to target by your brand’s connections. Let’s declare the free $250 weekend spa vacation will only be made accessible to Facebook users that have Liked the brand’s page. Remember that right after targeting connected customers there would be no stage in targeting simply by either Precise Attention or Broad Groups.

Connected to you

Selecting the “connected to” option would be helpful if Wishpond desired to release an e-book to their Fans prior to releasing it towards the public (making points exclusive is a great marketing strategy on Facebook).

Not connected to a person

Targeting those Facebook users who are not really already connected to a person is great for a competition advertisement. This is because this excludes past individuals, and (with the like-gate), will create a huge boost within your Facebook brand user profile.

Targeting friends associated with fans is a great method to target individuals who have a superior probability of interesting as they have a great deal in common with your brand’s existing fans. This particular targeting choice is specifically useful for sponsored tales (socially endorsed advertising).

Top Tip #1: Facebook provides an concept of the number of Facebook customers who will see your focused ad (Estimated Reach) throughout the targeting procedure. Keep an eye on this quantity to determine if you’ve eliminated too specific or even could focus however more.

Remember Ad targeting is about restricting your audience to the people who may be interested while including a big enough audience for that advertisement to succeed (whatever success is described by for your business).

Targeting to a customized list

Targeting from your CRM

Facebook enables you to target your ad’s audience based on your own existing customer partnership management system. This implies you can target present customers, lapsed or even inactive customers, current contest participants, and so forth Basically any current contact you have that you would like to reach with extremely targeted content. To get this done, click the “Advanced’ choice I’ve circled over.

As you can see in the fine print in the image over, any personally determining information from your e-mail, phone number, or UID(Facebook user ID) listing gets segmented instantly.

Facebook itself fits the data against energetic Facebook users, plus builds a custom audience within Power Editor, enabling you to return to the list later on.

Targeting to a lookalike audience

The ‘lookalike audience’ tool is ideal for businesses of all types as it targets individuals based on the characteristics of the audience you know are usually interested (your personal email list).

How you can create a lookalike audience

Create a custom audience

Pick the audience and click on ‘Create Similar Audience’

Choose the country that you’d like to attract a similar set of individuals

Select whether you would like tooptimize for Similarity(top 1% from the provided country - a lot more specifically targeted using less Reach).

or even Greater Reach(top 5% from the given nation - less particularly targeted but with higher Reach)..

Facebook will create a similar audience based on characteristics (age, gender, interests, wide categories etc) just like the original custom audience listing.

Be aware that it could occupy to 24 hours for the lookalike list to become generated.

Top Suggestion #2: Since lookalike audiences optimized with regard to Similarity contain the best 1% of people, plus lookalike audiences enhanced for Greater Reach contain the top 5%, the Greater Reach audience will include the Likeness audience. You can use exemption targeting to remove individuals in your Similarity audience while targeting your own Greater Reach audience.


Testing is essential to running an effective ad campaign upon Facebook because without having multiple advertisements your own brand presence will certainly fall victim in order to Ad Fatigue.

Ad Fatigue occurs whenever Facebook users turn out to be blind to your ad and your CTR falls. In order to compete with all of those other News Feed, you need to target well, provide a great value task, and provide eye-catching pictures.

Testing multiple ads also helps determine what your own target audience reacts best to, or exactly what target audience reacts best to different textual content or images.

Here is an example of different images being split examined within the ‘Free Getaway’ advertisement:

Advertisement The is the ‘control’ advertisement (the main advertisement that’s been running which we know the CTR and Engagement for). Let’s say:

The particular advertisement has been set you back both genders and also to an unspecified focused age

Its 24-hour CTR was close to. 09% (very respectable)

In the past 48 hrs its CTR went down to about. 02% and its Frequency in order to 8 (a certain sign of Ad Fatigue)

So we have decided to test an additional advertisement image (B). As you can see the name and copy are usually exactly the same. All that is changing is the picture.

Now we could check just the image modify, and that would be a correct split test. But , provided the age difference within the couple in the picture, why don’t all of us change the demographic information as well? Let’s state we eliminate below 40’s from our focused audience. True, our own ad’s Reach falls from 720, 500 to 480, 500, but our CTR will probably increase since the Facebook users that see it will feel a lot more kinship with the individuals in the image.

An additional test would be to replace the Group Categories targeting to only Parents, replace the copy, but maintain the image the same. The particular title could go through: ‘Need to get aside? ’and the duplicate ‘Enter to earn a $500 health spa weekend away from the particular kids’.

Another check again could keep the precise copy and focused demographic above (parents) but change the picture to a stressed father and mother amidst screaming kids.

Top Tip #3: When multiple ads are running in the campaign, Facebook instantly allocates more of your own budget to higher carrying out ads. This means it is vital you put your own ads in different campaigns when you’re screening them. This is one of the reasons Facebook’s Power Editor is so essential for little businesses.

While screening remember to keep a detailed eye on your Post Engagement, Click-Through-Rate and individuals Engaged metrics inside Facebook Insights. To find out more on what metrics are essential (and which metrics you can ignore) go through Six Facebook Metrics Small Businesses Shouldn’t Obsess Over.


Ideally you have a better concept of how to successfully target and test your Facebook Ads. Remember to individual ads by campaigns if you’re testing all of them. And let me know exactly how your explorations from the Facebook Action Specification go.

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